Iron-Based Alloy Powders

Iron-based alloy powders are self-fluxing powders, mainly composed of iron, chromium, boron, silicon, etc. These powders are mainly used for “wear-resistant mechanical parts” working at temperatures as high as 500°C. Compared to nickel- and chromium-based alloy powders, iron-based powders are more advantageous in terms of costs, and have more application fields.

Nickel-Based Alloy Powders

Nickel-based alloy powders are mainly composed of nickel, chromium, boron, silicon, etc. Copper, molybdenum, and other elements may also be included under certain circumstances. Nickel-based alloy powders can be applied to various manufacturing processes, such as plasma spraying, HVOF, plasma welding, casting, additive manufacturing, etc. Nickel-based alloy powders have good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and wear resistance. Therefore, they are often used as surface strengthening coatings of stop logs, globe valves, screw rods, cylinders, wind turbines, etc.

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About SAMC

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